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The devotion of an artist

My experiences

I was born in Zurich in 1957 and studied law at the University of Zurich after my usual school career. For more than 30 years I have been artistically active in various fields. More than 15 years ago I decided to dedicate myself full-time to my artistic career. In addition to running my painting school "Atelier für Kunst und Gestaltung" in Bubikon, I work as a curator, head of courses for cantonal parent education, support school art project weeks, and preparatory courses for further art training, and take Matura exams in the field of visual arts.

A selection of my previous exhibitions

1996-2003 Several solo and team exhibitions in Meilen, Stäfa and Hombrechtikon
2001 Gallery in Embrach
2004 Ueriker Kulturtag
2007 Gallery Ritterhaus Bubikon
2008-2012 Gallery Amtshaus Rüti (team exhibitions)
2009 Gallery Vivendi Laupen
2011 Gallery Dosch ZH
2017 Team exhibition Gallery Basler ZH
2019 Gallery open space ZH
2020 Team exhibition KV-RJ Castle Rapperswil
2021 Exhibition in M.A.D.S Gallery in Milan
2021 Online exhibition "Art Screen TV" during Art Basel at Hotel Hyperion, Switzerland

2021 "From Lockdown to Lookup" First lido exhibition in Stäfa ZH, Switzerland

2022 Online art exhibition "Art and Climate"- Art Novum Investment Basel, Switzerland
2022 Invitation to the "International Hybrid exhibition" of the Norwegian Cultural Centre in Oslo, Norway
2023/24 Exhibition at "Art Gallery & Jewelry" in Hergiswil NW, Switzerland

Since 2021 Represented 15 paintings at Artsy (the largest online gallery in the world)
Since 2021 Constantly changing permanent exhibition in the window gallery in Rapperswil SG, Switzerland

Further exhibitions are in planning.

Several sales of paintings at home and abroad to private individuals, business houses, banks, and restaurants.

Awards and publications

  • Anthology IV edition Madrid
    Published in March 2022
    Guto Ajayu Culture/Capital Culture House Madrid Spain

  • Goddessartsmagazine USA
    March/ April 2022
    Publication with 5 images and text
  • "ATIM's Top 60 Masters award"
    Award ceremony in June 2023 at the Museum of Art & Design in New York City, USA
    The press calls this award "the Oscars of the visual arts". Every year, only 60 artists worldwide are selected and awarded. "I feel very humbled and also honored!"
  • Career Art Award
    September 2023
    Publication in the book (p. 168) and awarding of the Career Art Award 2023 by "the world of Arts by Effetto Arte Salvatore Russo."
  • Artists of Today and Tomorrow Vol. 4
    December 2023
    Publication in the contemporary art catalog "Artisti di Oggi e di Domani / Artists of Today and Tomorrow" through the collaboration of Monica Ferrarini and Alice Di Piero in Rome
  • Ambassador "Art of Switzerland" 2024 & featured in the book "Contemporary Celebrity Masters" Vol. 1/2024
    Curated and selected by Salvatore Russo and Francesco Saverio Russo of Effetto Arte.

Abstract Painting

Abstract art shows colours and forms that are largely abstracted from absolute and familiar imprints. For each viewer of such paintings, different interpretations arise.

Masse des Bildes70X100

Mixed Artworks

I very often use the mixed form of abstract and concrete painting in my pictures. The viewer's eye is inspired by a certain balance of the two types of art. Despite the concrete engraving, the painting needs an individual interpretation. This gives the painting an interesting, mysterious, mystical component.

Masse des Bildes90X90

Cave Pictures

To substantiate the theses I put forward in the art book "Kunst®evolution", I created a large number of so-called modern "cave paintings" in 2018/2019. For this purpose, I have intensively studied the current state of the art of cave art in advance. By incorporating ancient fragments of cave painting into modern acrylic painting, I build a bridge from the Stone Age to the modern age.

Masse des Bildes80X120

Book Art Revolution

In 2019, I published the book "Kunst®evolution" (Art Revolution). It is a source of inspiration for people who are willing to critically question the big changes in the contemporary art scene.

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Ongoing art exhibition by Dalia Pugatsch in Hergiswil, Switzerland (until the end of February 2024)

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